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100 Places that Will Change Your Life

National Geographic, July 2016

Unfurling east from the foothills of the central Andes, the Mendoza region is often called the next Napa Valley. It's a magnet for wanna-be oenologists, only here, the purple black grape Malbec is king. Now a cooperative in the Uco Valley, The Vines of Mendoza invites DIYers to try barrel tasting and blending wines to create their own varietals in hands on workshops.

Eat Mendoza

National Geographic Traveller (UK), September 2016

I'm in the middle of a vast vineyard in the Mendoza wine region and fire surrounds me. It's 11 am, a tart Torrontes is already open and I'm at The Vines Resort & Spa. I'm about to have a cooking class from the chefs at Siete Fuegos - one of the restaurants of Francis Mallmann, Argentina's most famous chef.

The Accidental Winemakers of Mendoza

New York Times, May 2015

Our day of winemaking had bonded us in a way that none of us had anticipated, with shared moments that we talk about every time we see one another.

The Road Less Traveled

Wine Enthusiast, August 2014

Wowed by the country’s gregarious culture, and especially Mendoza’s natural beauty, Evans chose to stay in the land of tango, beef and Malbec. A decade later, Evans, along with Argentine partner Pablo Giménez Riili, runs Vines of Mendoza, a multifaceted operation based in the Tupungato section of the Uco Valley.

Best of the Best

Robb Report, June 2014

Debuted in January in Argentina's celebrated Mendoza wine region, the 22 villa retreat echoes and embraces its surroundings with rough-hewn stone walls, porches with fire pits, and floor to ceiling windows that frame the vineyard vistas.

A Gaucho Guide to the Land of Malbec & Grilled Meat

Food & Wine, June 2014

With a gaucho by her side, F&W’s Megan Krigbaum explores Argentina’s Uco Valley, a once-overlooked region that now offers spectacular wines, fantastic resort and seven different way to cook with fire.

Hot List 2014

Conde Nast Traveler, May 2014

At The Vines, legendary chef Francis Mallmann sources many of his ingredients locally—after all, locavorism has always been a part of life in rural Argentina. The property’s restaurant, Siete Fuegos, or “Seven Fires,” alludes to his philosophy of open-flame cooking ... You can even play winemaker by purchasing a plot of land on-site whose cultivation is overseen by the resort’s agronomist. What better excuse to keep coming back?

American Starts a Luxury Resort to Share the Argentina He Loves

New York Times, January 2014

Enamored of Argentina, Mr. Evans and a friend decided to start a business selling vineyards. The company would do all the work — planting, harvesting, blending and bottling — for investors who want to create their bespoke wine. He initially bought 100 acres in the Uco Valley for about $500,000. The area, about two hours south of Mendoza city, was largely undeveloped. And the terroir — the land, the soil and the altitude — offered the potential for high-quality wines.

Southern Comforts

Robb Repport, January 2014

“Our first goal,” he said, lowering his lens, “was to make great wine. It turns out that the views are also mesmerizing.”

Three New Resorts for a Perfect Winter Getaway

Architectural Digest, December 2013

Nestled among 1,500 acres of vineyards in Argentina’s Uco Valley, the 22-villa Vines Resort & Spa beckons oenophiles with wine-making classes, grape-infused spa treatments, and the open-flame cuisine of renowned Argentine grillmaster Francis Mallmann.

Winemaking Made Easy For Mendoza’s DIY vintners

Financial Times, November 2013

The hard work – the maintenance of the vineyard, the harvest, the fermentation process, bottling and labelling, and the tedious logistics of exporting the final product to a chosen location – will all be done by The Vines of Mendoza staff. The fun parts – choosing what kind of grape you want to grow, devising your own name and label for the wine, and of course drinking it – you can do yourself.

A New Wine-geared Resort In Mendoza, Argentina

Departures Dispatch

When Michael Evans, co-founder of the new Vines Resort & Spa near Mendoza, Argentina—which celebrates its grand opening on New Year’s Eve—first visited the vineyards-rich area in 2004, he found the openness of the winemakers refreshing. “Its like talking to the artists versus seeing the finished product, ” he explains

Own a Part of A Mendoza Vineyard, Or Just Stay At One

Afar, January 2013

At the Vines Resort & Spa, guests can watch the sunset from a lakeside deck or dine at Siete Fuegos restaurant, run by grill master Francis Mallmann. The Vines was the first Mendoza wine company to offer vineyard ownership opportunities, and now travelers-turned-vintners return regularly to tend their vines.

Better Than Bordeaux? A New Crop of Hotels In South America's Wine Country

Condé Nast Traveler, February 2013

...In Argentina’s Mendoza Province, Vines Resort & Spa sells small plots to amateur oenophiles: You can develop your own vintage with the help of an in-house wine consultant. Vines’ glassy villas have Andes views, and the spa is ideal for unwinding after a hard day of tasting...

Hottest Travel Destinations of 2013

Travel & Leisure, January 2013

Uco Valley Argentina: Will this sunny expanse outside Mendoza City become Napa South? New hotels are making it easier to sample the region’s Malbecs and Semillons: Francis Mallmann—the Argentine Thomas Keller—runs the kitchen at Vines Resort & Spa.

In Argentine Developments, Vineyards and Villas

New York Times, September 2012

“I’m a Texas boy and love the ranch; this reminds me of that,” said Michael Brochu, a semiretired tech executive from Seattle who is awaiting the completion of his villa at The Vines of Mendoza, a development in the foothills of the Andes.“Big open spaces,” he said. “It’s like Napa 30 to 40 years ago.”

36 Hours in Mendoza Argentina

The New York Times, April 2012

Start your tour of the city with a wine sampling at Vines of Mendoza ... The tasting room is owned by Michael Evans and Pablo Gimenez Riili, whose 1,000-acre cooperative vineyard in the Uco Valley gives those who dream of making their own wine the possibility of owning as little as three acres of vines, with access to a state- of-the-art facility and an excellent in-house oenologist.

Owning A Piece of the Vineyard

The Wall Street Journal, July 2012

Two years ago, a colleague bragged that he and two friends had bought three acres of vineyards in Argentina's Uco Valley for $210,000, including the first two years of farming fees. Each harvest season since, he and his partner-pals have gone down to the fast-growing wine region to pick and crush their grapes, then blend them into premium wines under the guidance of Santiago Achával, one of Argentina's most revered winemakers (his Malbecs can sell for more than $100 a bottle—several times the typical price) ... Starting this year, they'll have some 12,000 bottles of wine annually to label and drink as they choose, at a cost of $3,000 per acre in farming fees.

Argentina Lures Bankers Dreaming of Owning Their Own Vineyard

Bloomberg, January 2011

For his 50th birthday two years ago, Phil Asmundson, vice chairman of technology at Deloitte LLP, flew to Argentina for a vacation and ended up buying a vineyard. As a long-time wine collector, making his own was a secret dream. During harvest in March or April, he’ll fly down from New Yorkto pick malbec grapes and play cellar rat.

Argentina's Napa Valley

New York Times, November 2010

“Mendoza is Napa 30 or 40 years ago,” said Michael Evans, a former Democratic campaign strategist from Washington, D.C., who moved to Mendoza six years ago to go into the wine business.

Texas Boy Investor Can't Resist Taste of New Argentine Winery

Bloomberg, December 2009

Brochu, a self-described “Texas boy” with about 700 bottles of wine in his Seattle home, eventually came around to the idea of being a part-time winery owner. Now the 56-year-old financier, who has sold three companies with a total value of about $1 billion, is waiting to taste the fruit of his latest investment. “Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought about owning a vineyard,” he said.

Five Wine Estate Vacations, January 2014


Wine and adventure don’t normally go together, but that’s the alluring combination you’ll find at this lush South American mega-estate that opened in December 2013. Hop on a horse and take to the pampas with a gaucho concierge, or choose between helping punch down a fermenting tank of grapes or planting vines, depending on the season.

For the Love of Malbec · About.com, December 2013

Blazing the path for winemakers and resort tourism in the Uco Valley is the Vines of Mendoza a luxury level collaboration of real estate, winery, and resort that caters to winemakers, vacation home owners, and vacationers. The 1,500-acre development founded in 2004 by Argentinian winemaker Pablo Gimenez Riili and American entrepreneur Michael Evans, allows buyers to purchase vineyard estates to grow grapes and produce their own small batch wine.

Buy Your Own South American Vineyard · The Aspen Times, December 2013

The Uco Valley in Argentina is one of the top wine regions in South America, and home to nearby Mendoza and the famous Malbec winemaking tradition. It is also one of the most exciting emerging regions for travel in 2014.

Argentina Tries to Give Malbec More Status · New York Times, December 2013

In Argentina, where the malbec grape is king, winemakers have put an intriguing spin on what is usually known as a Bordeaux blend. Instead of the typical mix of cabernet sauvignon, cabernet franc and merlot, they are relying primarily on cabernet sauvignon and malbec...

A Chat With Michael Evans of The Vines of Mendoza · The Huffington Post, November 2013

Almost a decade ago, on his first visit to Mendoza, Michael Evans realized that the culture of making wine in Mendoza was as marvelous as the wines themselves. He joined up with two of the province's leading lights, Pablo Gimenez Riili and Santiago Achaval, to offer a unique concept: private vineyards and winemaking for owners from around the globe, all managed locally. The Vines of Mendoza has since grown into a wine and tourism phenomenon.

A chat with Michael Evans of The Vines of Mendoza · Argo Vino, November 2013

Almost a decade ago, on his first visit to Mendoza, Michael Evans realized that the culture of making wine in Mendoza was as marvelous as the wines themselves. He joined up with two of the province's leading lights, Pablo Gimenez Riili and Santiago Achaval, to offer a unique concept: private vineyards and winemaking for owners from around the globe, all managed locally. The Vines of Mendoza has since grown into a wine and tourism phenomenon. We asked him how it all started and where it's going next.

No More Years in Provence · Sunday Times, September 2013

Set in the Uco Valley, with views of the Andes, the Vines of Mendoza is a 1,000-acre wine estate with a brand-new resort where one-and-two-bedroom villas are under construction.

Breaking New Ground · Travel & Leisure, August 2013

At The Vines Resort & Spa, in Mendoza, Argentina, minimalist architects Bormida Y Yanzon designed guest rooms with walls of glass and an infinity pool that reminds me of one you'd see at an Aman.

The Vines Resort & Spa Brings Luxury to Argentina's Wine Country · Elite Traveler, July 2013

Wine connoisseurs will have the opportunity to travel outside of their usual stomping grounds when The Vines Resort & Spa opens in the Uco Valley outside of Mendoza, Argentina, this December.

10 Amazing Moonlight Dining Experiences From All Over the World · ABC News, May 2013

At The Vines of Mendoza winery in Argentina, Siete Fuegos restaurant welcomes guests to the vineyards for a traditional outdoor asado, grilled with flair by Chef Francis Mallmann.

Di-vine Dwellings - Living Off the Vine at The Vines of Mendoza's Top Winemaking Communities · Centurion, April 2013

Estate owners can get involved with the nitty-gritty such as taking soil samples, fermenting and even designing labels at the on-site winery ... one estate owner’s vintage has been awarded 90 Robert Parker points: Solo Contigo Malbec 2010.

The Vines of Mendoza · Travel Squire, January 2011

Have you ever thought about owning your own brand of wine? Michael Evans has and believe me he’s not alone. Michael, an American entrepreneur and former political consultant, is founder and president of The Vines of Mendoza, situated in the heart of Argentina’s wine region.

What's the Easiest Way to Become a Winemaker? - January 2010 · Vanity Fair, January 2010

Step One: Contact The Vines of Mendoza, situated in Mendoza’s Uco Valley, in Argentina.

Chiles Rebuilding May Cost Tens of Billions of Dollars · The New York Times, March 2010

“It was a double whammy,” said Michael Evans, founder of The Vines of Mendoza, a winery in Mendoza, Argentina, a region that felt the earthquake on the other side of the Andes. “This is all happening when the harvest is beginning, when the grapes are ready to be harvested.”

Harvesting Profits in Argentina's Wine Country · Forbes, February 2010

Evans restored his juices in Mendoza, in the foothills of the Andes. He discovered a new career: vine renting. His five-year-old company, Vines of Mendoza, manages a 1,046-acre Argentinean vineyard on behalf of casual winemakers who would rather do the quaffing and let others handle the pruning.

Restaurants, Accommodations & Attractions Around Mendoza, Argentina · The Washington Post, January 2010

Don't want to leave the city for wine-tasting? Try one of several flights of wines at this in-town tasting room, complete with terrace and English-speaking hosts. They might even try to interest you in buying your own piece of a vineyard.

10 Questions with Michael Evans: CEO & Co-Founder of The Vines of Mendoza · New World Review, December 2009

Michael Evans was a political consultant working with John Kerry and Rock the Vote, then went on vacation to Mendoza, Argentina in 2004. A year later, with co-founder Pablo Gimenez Riili, he began The Vines of Mendoza, a wine entrepreneurship program in the Uco Valley where owners, with help from Argentina’s most acclaimed viticulturalist Santiago Achaval, learn winemaking and create their own superior quality wine.

Argentine Wine Picks for the Holidays from The Vines of Mendoza · New World Review, December 2009

Mendoza born Pablo Gimenez Riili, the private vineyard estate’s other founder and President, has provided six wine choices for the holidays from the Mendoza area.

The New Conquistadors: Argentina's Booming Vineyards · The Independent, May 2009

For most, the dream remains just that, but for some, it is becoming an increasingly affordable reality, not in Europe, where land in the prestigious wine-producing regions remains expensive, but 7,000 miles away in Argentina.

The Rise of Argentinian Wine · Global Post, March 2009

A few years ago, a visiting American, Michael Evans, decided that was needed was one place in town where you could tour all the bodegas, as it were, by glassfuls.

Mendoza - Argentina's Wine Country · ABC News, January 2009

Mendoza in particular, is the most exciting and dynamic wine region in the world today. In many respects, it’s a lot like the Napa Valley was 30 years ago.

The Toast of Argentina · Budget Travel, January 2009

In the past 10 years, third-generation Argentine winemakers and expats from Europe and the U.S. have been snatching up farms throughout Mendoza and converting them into wineries that are small in size but big on experimentation.

Argentinian Red Wines · Decanter, June 2008

My first visit to Argentina has left me convinced that...this country has no rivals for...value for money of it reds and possibly none qhen it comes dramatic improvements in the future. The Vines of Mendoza, an impressive wine bar around the corner from the Grand Hyatt, put on a tasting of 10 wines for me that, for them, represented the country’s most exciting new styles.

Winemaker's Dream · El Federal, May 2008

To give it a name, this private vineyard “community” is located in Vistaflores, in Uco Valley; and it is composed of 200 hectares. ... each land owner would be able to make his own wine with the consultation of a group of enologist, headed by Santiago Achaval – from the prestigious Achaval Ferrer winery.

Getting Started · Fortune, January 2008

Want to buy a vineyard in Argentina’s wine region? Founded by a US tech executive, The Vines of Mendoza sells “full service” vineyards in the Valle de Uco.

The Happiest Valley · The Observer, January 2008

A stampede for winemaking has been created in Mendoza's Uco Valley.

Napa Del Sur · Star Telegram, January 2008

You’ll barely make it inside the door to The Vines of Mendoza, a tasting room opened by developers from California, when you hear it: This is the next Napa.

Open Windows for World Wines · The Washington Post, January 2007

Evans and his partners are building a luxury wine resort and a vineyard operation, where foreigners can buy parcels of 2 to 12 acres. The Vines of Mendoza will provide three years of free vineyard maintenance, planting grapes according to a customer’s wishes and providing a bottling operation on hand once the grapes ripen.

The Vines of Argentina · The World of Fine Wine, January 2007

... But it is the Private Vineyard Estate project that is the most intriguing facet of the operation. The company has purchased 200 acres (202 hs) of virgin land in the Uco Valley, at the base of the Andes Mountains. With 240 days of sunshine per year, high altitude, and unlimited access to fresh water, this is prime vineyard land, neighbored by Michel Rolland’s Clos de los Siete.