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Amanda Barnes is a British journalist who makes her own bread and butter by drinking wine around the country. Actually, she spends her bread and butter on wine.

Which Wines for the World Cup?


Consider pairing wine with the futbol matches this week at The Vines of Mendoza Tasting Room.

While the most natural accompaniment to futbol might appear to be beer, there is another taste to consider for at least a few of the semifinals this week. 

The Vines Tasting Room at Belgrano 1194 will be broadcasting the Brazil vs. Germany game this Tuesday at 5:00 p.m., plus Saturday's game to determine the Copa Mundial's third place team. 

A Malbec will help ease the feeling of being on the edge, a Torrontes will cool the temperatures a bit, and a glass of Argentine fizz can get you in the mood pre-game. 

Some of the top picks for World Cup pairings include: 

-        Gimenez Riili Extra Brut: A bright and fruity sparkling wine that is perfect for pre-game bubbles!

-        Lurton Piedra Negra Pinot Gris: You might not have tried many Pinot Grigio’s from Argentina, but this light, fruity and slighty mineral wine is a great example and a superb price.

-        Colome, Torrontes: From one of the highest vineyards in the world, Colome Torrontes is a classic Saltanese expression of Argentina’s native grape.

-        Pulenta Estate Pinot Noir: With the Pulenta family and consultant winemaker Paul Hobbs coming together for this Pinot, you know that you are in for a true delight!

-        Colonia Las Liebres Bonarda: This has been one of the best Bonardas in Argentina for a long time, and it continues to constantly deliver for its fruit bomb expression and highly drinkable nature.

-        Lindaflor Malbec: There are so many beautiful Malbecs to choose from, but this is one of my personal faves from Vista Flores with a heady floral aroma that will drive you wild if the football fails to.

-        Aprendiz, Petit Verdot: A bit of an oddball grape, Petit Verdot in Argentina is a surprise high scorer and this minty fresh wine with great acidity will tickle your tongue and make you work on your dribble skills.

-        Las Perdices, Viognier Tardio: If all you want is sweet victory, try this late harvest Viognier from Las Perdices for something a bit different and sure to make you feel good.

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AmandaAmanda Barnes is a British wine writer in Mendoza who will be toasting every win, from whichever team, with another glass of great Malbec. You can see her articles pre and post World Cup at


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