The Vines of Mendoza

Celebrating Vendimia with my family - just like 100 years ago!


I belong to a family of Italian immigrants, like many people here in Mendoza. My grandfather Benedicto Onofri was born on the ship on his way to the New World in 1909. Mendoza was his parents' (Angela and Stephano) choice and growing grapes was his life choice!


Since then, my family has gone through all up and downs of the wine industry… but none of us has ever doubted that my grandfather's choice was the best option ever. We have worked hard, we have prayed together and we have celebrated a new vintage year after year!

This year it was a special celebration. We got together for an asado as many Sundays on vintage time (and throughout the year,) but we were asked by the artistic director of the main event (the Acto Central) to simulate we were back in time as when my grand parents used to meet. He wanted some live images of a family of immigrants celebrating and he definitely got that!


It didn't require a lot of effort more than snooping around our grandparents closets for some outfit to wear. It was fun and adorable to see how absolutely the whole family collaborated in the scene! We had a great time! As we always do!… but with an emotive toast for our ancestors!

Thanks Benedicto for this gorgeous family!!

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