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Pefect time to drink Malbec


But some consumers are trading down
I came across this article on wine and was pleasantly surprised and pleased that in only 8 years there has been a conversion of beer drinkers to core wine drinkers! Not only that, but people are being more adventurous and are maintaining their wine drinking habits even in this economic climate.
Core wine drinkers (people who drink wine at least once a week) made up 16 percent of survey respondents, but accounted for 91 percent of wine consumption. Marginals (those consuming a minimum of one glass of wine per month) comprised 15 percent of those surveyed, and added 9 percent of total volume. Nearly 44 percent of the population does not drink, and about one out of four people enjoys beer and spirits, but not wine.

Since 2000, the report shows that the number of core wine drinkers has appreciated by 60 percent, while the marginal drinking group has plateaued, and consumption among those who drink only beer or spirits but not wine, is now 21 percent less than it was eight years ago.
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It's a pretty interesting article by the Wine Market Council on wine buying and demographic trends. We think that they should all be purchasing Malbec, with a extremely high value to price ratio, makes it the perfect wine to consume!
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