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We are always asked how we pick the wines that we profile in our downtown Mendoza Tasting Room and Vinoteca located in the Park Hyatt Mendoza, just around the corner. To be honest, we are all like proud kids showing their latest show-and-tell treasure to the kindergarten class.

Mariana, our sommelier does most of the grunt work, hunting down small, unknown bodegas and then organizes a weekly blind tasting where a mish-mash of cultures and palates meet to decide the lucky wines that our guests will enjoy.

There are North and South American palates, seasoned veterans, novices, and the enology students that can explain the winemaking behind the wines. It is a serious endeavor, but one of my favorite parts of the week, where there is a no-holds barred philosophy and often a lot of nose wrinkling and laughter.

Today we tasted through 3 Torrontes, one from San Juan, and two from Cayfayate(a province in the north of Argentina). One will be in our spring Acequia Wine Club, but I won't be giving away those secrets just yet...

We also tasted 3 roses, and amazingly not all pink wine is sweet, as well as 4 "tintos."

I highly encourage you to try as many wines as you can, your "tasting bank" will only get larger and you will have more and more opportunities to learn about the amazing world of Argentine wine! So put together a blind tasting for you and your friends this weekend.

Or if you want the insider tips on blind tastings, check back next week for some top tips from The Vines of Mendoza Tasting Team! Feliz finde! (have a great weekend)
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