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The Vines of Mendoza | Winemaker's Night | Antucura


Antucura means in the ancient language of the Pehuenches -the first inhabitants of the area-, ¨Stone of the Sun¨. Mariela Ilardo,Commercial Manager, explains they chose this  name for their winery and lodge at Vista Flores because the vineyards that give the birth to their beloved wines grow here naturally, among stones and rocks.

We tasted 4 wines:

Tabanera Pinot Noir 2007 -  A Pinot Noir with character. Very different from the burgundy style but really well
made. Really woth tating!

Barrandica 2006 - A wine made out of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and a touch of malbec. A wine that cries for food. Great to pair with beef!

Calvulcura 2005 - Same blend as the previous wine, but with a longer oak aging. A really deep wine, peppery character. It has a unique style! If you like big wines, don't miss this one.

Antucura 2004 - Their Icone wine is made out of Merlot and cabernet Sauvignon.Different from most Argentinian  wines, since it doesn't have malbec grape in it... Yet they have been able to create a wine with a lot of character. It is a wine that has a great aging potencial.

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