The Vines of Mendoza

Noche de Espumantes with the Stars


(The last Friday of every month The Vines of Mendoza hosts “ La Noche de Espumantes,” or sparkling wine night. Here is the tale of our last bubbly event, as told by a member of The Vines’ staff.)
- - -
It was a warm summer evening, the perfect time to stop by The Vines to enjoy the crisp and delicate bubbles of Mendoza’s “espumantes” on the patio.

Visitors know that there is always something special waiting for them at our Tasting Room and so they stop by to discover what’s on today. Little did they know the surprise that was awaiting:
there’s live music, chilled extra brut and sparkling eyes everywhere! Giménez Riili, Luigi Bosca and Carmelo Patti offer delicious sparkling wines to satisfy our thirsty senses, and tonight all three are being poured in abundance. “I’m definitely staying” guests say… and they surrender to the charm of a gracious staff that pampers you with their excellent service.

Our first station welcomes guests with the delicious Perpetuum Extra Brut, a blend of selected Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Chenin grapes from Mendoza's Maipú region that awakens your taste buds and freshens your spirit at the first sip. Some visitors shyly approach others and start talking to each other about our beautiful space.

Servers at the second station proudly announce they are pouring La Linda’s Chardonnay- Semillon Extra Brut. And you can actually sense its presence by the aromas of tropical fruits, honey and apricot in the air… Guests grab some fresh cheese and bread to have in between wines because they are set to taste them all!

The romantic Spanish guitar makes the perfect accompaniment to this unforgettable sensory experience.

When the time comes to taste the final wine, Carmelo Patti’s powerful espumante delights the audience with its bright golden color and subtle salmon hues. Vanilla, honey, grapefruit and a hint of toasted bread are the unmistakable notes of this excellent wine.

And just at that moment, the winemaker himself shows up at the Tasting Room! Yes! Carmelo was here to share his creation with all of us, and to discuss his passion for the art of winemaking. You never know who's going to make an appearance on a night like this...
At this point, all the visitors are friends and are making plans for their dinner together.
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