The Vines of Mendoza

The Vines Resort & Spa Staff Spotlight - Nicolás Garcia


Today's staff spotlight features Nicolás Garcia, our Housekeeping Manager. We asked him a few questions to uncover how he ensures we create the greatest possible guest service at The Vines Resort & Spa.

1.Tell us about your experience/background:

I’ve worked in a few different industries before I decided to join the hospitality world. I’ve been a Sales Rep for Lancôme and Biotherm, a Reporting Analyst for Peugeot-Citroën, a Provisioner for telecom networks at Verizon. Previously, in the hospitality industry I’ve worked at the Faena Hotel & Universe in several positions, in Vitrum Boutique Hotel as a Front Desk Coordinator, and at the Eurobuilding Hotel as an Assistant Operations Manager since the hotel’s opening. The hospitality industry is a perfect fit for me because I love being a host and having the opportunity to meet many different people from around the world and learn from their unique experiences.

2. Describe your role at The Vines Resort & Spa:

I am responsible for the Housekeeping department. My team are key players in maintaining the villas and the resort to look just the way they were imagined, and creating the feeling of coming into a fresh new house every time a guest sets foot in a villa.

3. What do you like most about your job? 

I love to surprise people, to do things the guest is not expecting and hear them say “WOW.” For instance, I was talking with a couple who was on vacation to celebrate their wedding anniversary, and the husband told me one of their stories that involved apples as a central theme. So on their anniversary night, we stocked their room with apples everywhere and they absolutely loved it.

4. What has been one of your most memorable work experiences so far? 

In a previous job, I spent the entire night night talking to a guest who was afraid of the dark during a huge power outage in the city. Just spending the time with him made a big impact. 

5. What makes The Vines Resort & Spa unique? 

Many things! But if I had to mention one, it would be its people. Everyone I work with is so genuinely friendly and my team is very dedicated to their job and willing to learn.

6. What do you think guests enjoy most about their experiences at The Vines Resort & Spa?

The devotion to creating an amazing guest experience. 

7. In your experience, what is the single most important thing a five-star hotel/restaurant must deliver? 

Any 5-star hotels can create a beautiful accommodation. The real challenge is to offer genuine, committed service at all times. 

8. What activity do you recommend to someone visiting Mendoza for the first time?

Well, this is the land of wine, so you can’t miss visiting a winery. However, I wouldn’t leave without being marveled by the impressive Aconcagua mountain. You can do some trekking, enjoy looking at it from a distance, photograph it, whatever you’re interested in! 

9. What are your hobbies? 

Watch movies, listen to music and dance!

10. What is your favorite vacation spot, and where do you dream of going next? 

I love my country and I often go to the south or the northwest. Outside Argentina, I’d love to visit Japan!

11.  If you were a wine, which characteristics would you have?

Oaky and spicy with hints of herbs and fruits. 

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