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Luciana Gomez is The Vines' spunky, funny, Director of Marketing. She can be found creating wine labels, resort brochures, or snapping photos.

Dia del Amigo: A Day of Celebrations and Tradition


On July 20th we celebrate the Dia Del Amigo in Argentina. A little bit because one July 20th a man landed on the moon and the world started this tradition together (although few other countries continue to participate) and also because Argentines like to find every excuse to celebrate with friends! 

Even though in Argentina we already go out every Friday night, whether it’s getting together to make an asado, order food for delivery, or just go out for drinks, any occasion is a good excuse to get together with your friends in Mendoza.   

For these reasons in part, July 20th is huge occasion in Mendoza - a reason to get together with ALL your friends. But, sometimes this is not logistically possible. So, because 24 hours is simply too short a time to see everyone, the day has been converted into a week of social engagements, special events, and a time when you talk to or write every friend you possibly can. And so, every bar and restaurant is overflowing during the whole week.  

In Mendoza, we like to celebrate with an intimate group of friends. One friend usually organizes a party in their home, and during this party we sometimes exchange ‘amigos invisible’ gifts with friends – a custom very similar to the US tradition of ‘Secret Santa’ during the winter holidays.

Sometimes, Mendocinians might seem a bit more ‘closed’ than in any other Argentine cities because it is a small town and we like to celebrate at home. But, it is a place where when we cultivate and build friendships that last a lifetime. (Sidebar: And so, if you are invited to join an initimate group of friends in Mendoza while you are visiting – go! – because it is a huge compliment that you were invited.)

In addition to all the reasons to celebrate above, in Mendoza we have fantastic wine, and we represent one of the most important industries in the region and country. This is one more great excuse for getting to know new people, to celebrate with friends and to raise a glass to celebrate a new year of friendship.

Another ‘Dia del Amigo’ is upon us tomorrow, and for this reason we raise another glass and give a toast to our friendship – for lifelong friends, new ones, and for friends to come! 

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