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Top 5 Argentine Wines for Valentine's Day


Looking for the perfect wine to accompany your Valentine’s Day celebration? We’ve selected five delicious Argentine wines that perfectly fit the romantic spirit of this holiday.

Looking for the perfect wine to accompany your Valentine’s Day celebration? We’ve selected five delicious Argentine wines that perfectly fit the romantic spirit of this holiday. Whether it’s because of their light or pink color, their bubbles (always sure to add an element of festivity), their sweeter flavors, or even their higher price tags (Valentine’s Day is not a holiday for skimping when it comes to quality wine), each of these wines is guaranteed to up the romance factor.

Reginato “Celestina” Sparkling Rosé of Malbec NV (Valle de Uco, Mendoza, $16.99):

Nothing screams “I’m a romantic!” like pink bubbles, and one of the masters of Argentine sparkling wine, Luis Reginato, almost seems to have had Valentine’s Day in mind when he made this sparkling rosé from 100% Malbec. It is surprisingly light for a Malbec, with a mere 12.9% alcohol, and its strawberry rhubarb pie aromas and flavors are never overpowering or cloying. This gem of a sparkling wine can just as easily go with the whole meal as serve as the aperitif, and the lovely angel gazing at you from the label also helps transport you into a world of mystic romanticism.

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Martino Old Vine Semillon 2011 (Luján de Cuyo, Mendoza, $17.99):

There’s something about the French in the romance department—they just seem to have the market cornered. Maybe that’s why sexy French grapes like Semillon set the mood like no others. This Argentine take on the grape is an enhancing addition to any Valentine’s Day menu. Martino has the luxury of working with grapes from old vineyards, allowing for a velvety and elegant wine that can rise to any occasion. It’s unoaked so that all the tropical and citrus flavors can stay in command, and it could even be a great partner for the crème brulee dessert you should most certainly be serving or eating.

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Caelum Rosado 2013 (Agrelo, Mendoza, $20.99):

Pale salmon-pink rosé is inherently one of the world’s most romantic beverages. Caelum has managed to create this enticing color from a blend of two grapes, Cabernet Sauvignon and Malbec, which are not exactly known for being light.  This delightful rosado, with its notes of strawberry and rose petals, is an ideal Valentine’s Day sipper, guaranteed to create happiness and harmony on its own or with the meal.  Production is limited so it is not easy to find in the United States, but is well worth seeking out for February 14th.

Where to buy: Pogo’s, Dallas,, The Vines Resort & Spa’s Siete Fuegos Restaurant

Solo Contigo Colección Malbec 2011 (Valle de Uco, Mendoza, $67.99):

With its highly romantic name that translates to “only with you” and its appropriately high price tag, but most importantly with delicious juice inside the bottle, this 100% Malbec from the Vines of Mendoza’s resort partners, Noel and Terry Neelands, slots in as our “guaranteed to impress” wine.  With 18 months in French oak, it is rich and extracted with a dark inky color. Its tantalizing flavors of red fruits and chocolate covered cherries are like a Valentines’s Day box of chocolates waiting to be opened.

Where to buy: Wine by the Bay, Miami,

Zuccardi Malamado Malbec (Maipu, Mendoza, $21.99)

The ironically named “Malamado” (“badly loved”) is a fitting way to end your romantic meal on a high note. This port-style fortified red wine from one of Argentina’s most famous wine families is rich and sweet enough to stand up to chocolate desserts, yet elegant and refined enough to be sipped on its own.  Its aromas and flavors of ripe figs and prunes and a perfectly pleasing level of sweetness put it in the limited group of dessert wines that are truly drinkable. You wouldn’t want to drink it every day or even every week, but it really brings a touch of something special to the big day.

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