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Tiffany Nice set out on a backpacking adventure last year and now finds herself calling Mendoza home, working to open South America’s finest resort and taking in plenty of sun and wine in her down time.

Owner Spotlight: Randy & Jenny Boyd



Names: Randy & Jenny Boyd
From: Knoxville, TN
Own: Private Vineyard owner since 2008 – Boyd Vineyards; Vines Resort & Spa Villa owners since 2010

Randy and Jenny Boyd joined The Vines of Mendoza family in 2008, and now own both a Private Vineyard and a Villa at The Vines Resort & Spa. They visit Mendoza as often as they can, sometimes with their sons Harrison (20, college student) and Thomas (25, bassist in a rock band). Randy is owner and CEO of PetSafe, and Jenny runs a Scottish pub. Beyond their work, this couple has a diverse range of interests, from music (she plays the fiddle, mandolin and claw hammer banjo in a Celtic band) to marathons (he has 17 full and 25 half marathons under his belt!) to sports (they recently bought a AA baseball team). As you’ll see in the spotlight below, wine has become one of the many things that keeps life interesting for them.


Tell us what’s special, for you, about Mendoza. When did you first visit, and why did you decide to make an investment in the Uco Valley – first as a Private Vineyard owner and then later as a Villa owner with The Vines Resort & Spa?

I first went to Mendoza in 2007 on the way to climb Aconcagua, the highest mountain in the world outside of the Himalayas. Unfortunately, we had bad weather and I didn’t summit but took advantage of a spare day back in Mendoza to tour the wineries. I fell in love with the wine, the landscape, the food and the people. The following year my wife and I both came and spent a week touring and looking for a vineyard. Partnering with Vines of Mendoza allowed us to be assured of great quality, great investment and yet little oversight on our part.

Tell us about your vineyards. What do you grow, and what kind of wines do you produce? Any new blends or varietals you’re interested to try your hand at?

We own 5 acres of Malbec and Tempranillo. Last year we made 1200 bottles of Malbec, 300 bottles of Tempranillo, and 600 bottles of Malbec/Tempranillo blend. We also bought an additional five acres in 2011 and planted Pinot Noir.

The Resort & Spa opens up later this year. What are you most excited to see and enjoy once the project is complete?

The views are awe inspiring, but we also look forward to biking, climbing and exploring this beautiful region from our home base at the resort. And, we look forward to returning each day to the spa and to what I am sure will be incredible dinners at Siete Fuegos.

IMG_0598What is the most interesting, surprising or useful thing you’ve learned from the Winemaking team at The Vines of Mendoza?

For every thing I learn, I also learn there are 10 more things I need to learn. I feel comfortable now knowing that I will never really know everything. Having a little mystery to it is a good thing.

What one thing do you always try to make time for when you’re in Mendoza?

Having long lunches at wineries is incomparable.

What activities or outings are you looking forward to trying for the first time when you next visit Mendoza?

We have yet to bicycle or whitewater raft. We have also only ridden horses around the vineyards so far, and we’d like to take a longer trip into the mountains.


DSCN2263Tiffany Nice set out on a backpacking adventure last year and now finds herself calling Mendoza home, working to open South America's finest resort and taking in plenty of sun and wine in her down time. 

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