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Sharon Nieuwenhuis is The Vines' PR & Communications Director. You can find her working with International press about The Vines' experience, from private vineyard owner winemaking to The Vines Resort & Spa to adventure activities in the Uco Valley, and just about everything in between.

Globetrotter Diaries


On a flight from New York to San Francisco, I read the galleys for Michael Clinton's The Globetrotter Diaries. We at The Vines were deep in the throws of the Francis Mallmann Media Tour, and were headed off to San Francisco for two days from New York, with the Los Angeles event following the next day. It was busy, it was a bit chaotic, but the adrenaline kept us all running. I had a bit of a flight snaffoo and my ticket to Los Angeles was cancelled, leaving me to potentially miss beach waves, sunshine, and a gorgeous event overlooking the Los Angeles skyline showcasing Francis' cooking, Recuerdo Wines, as well as some of our owners' fabulous pours. This was simply not going to happen. A little aggravated, and without Internet, I dug into The Globetrotter Diaries and immediately realized that Michael was a kindred spirit. And that he had a solution to my problem.

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