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Amanda Barnes is a British journalist who makes her own bread and butter by drinking wine around the country. Actually, she spends her bread and butter on wine.

The Vines Uproots and Moves!


The Vines Tasting Room has recently upped sticks and moved! Fortunately for those of us who haunt the tables perhaps a bit too frequently (how can’t you with a couple dozen wines by the glass?) the new location is only a couple blocks down the road. I chatted with  Juliette Piotrovski, The Vines' Tasting Room and Vinoteca Manager about the move. Tell me about the new place. What's new and what are its best qualities? The new tasting room is located in one of the busiest, most tourist frequented, and attractive streets in the city of Mendoza near the best restaurants and hotels. It is located on Belgrano 1194, and its unique facade and the interior lighting help us to be easily found by anyone who strolls down these blocks. The new premises will maintain the old architectural style of Mendoza but with a modern touch inside. We will continue with our exclusive tastings in addition to our blending lab. Returning guests who visit us again will find a wide variety of items related to the world of wine and souvenirs from The Vines of Mendoza along with new additions to our menu and pairings. We will also have an exclusive space on our sidewalk designed specifically for those who prefer to be outdoors while maintaining the intimacy of a tasting room. You'd been in the previous location for two and half years, were there any tears as you left the wine bar on Espejo? Is there anything you will particularly miss? For the past 2 years we have shared not only work but also emotions, meetings with friends, events and, being a person who easily sheds some tears, it was difficult for me when closing the doors on the last day. We knew that when we reopen them again it will not be at the same place. However, I know that the magic of our tasting room is not only owed to the venue but to the people who are part of this team and that it will continue being there wherever we go. But something that really is going to be missed in the new place, not only by me but for all those that have visited us, is the wisteria tree which is more than 100 years old and decorated our patio in autumn with its golden and yellow leaves and in spring with its lilac flowers and floral perfume. Are there any grand plans for the new venue? Any special events we should put in our diary now? There are many new ideas/plans for the events as well as for the activities timetable but it is something that we are going to reserve up to the opening date to surprise all of you. Did you discover anything unusual as you were packing up boxes? Yes!!!  We have a great story in regard to a spirit that inhabits the old house on Espejo who became part of our team while we were getting ready to move to the extent that as the date for us to leave was approaching, it wouldn’t let us go… and it did so by striking doors, switching off the lights and even switching on the printer, believe it or not …… ha…ha…! The Vines Tasting Room is opening its doors at their brand new location on Belgrano 1194 (corner of Ag. Alvarez) on 2 July. Amanda Barnes is a British journalist living in Mendoza who has so faithfully gone to every Wednesday Winemaker’s Night for the last year that she will probably haunt the old place herself in some ghoulish form or another.

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