The Vines of Mendoza

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Ross Szabo recently spent time in Mendoza learn about wine and resort development after two years of serving in the Peace Corps in Botswana.

Experience Eduardo Vera's Vision at The Vines Resort and Spa


“The most important aspect of landscaping is the experience. It’s an experience inside your soul. People will be taking, touching and walking in the land. It will be something they feel and sense. The best art is most near to nature. When you are in nature some part of you is a part of art.”

This is how Eduardo Vera describes what guests at the Vines Resort and Spa will experience as they relax in the beauty of the resort. He begins his creation of the aesthetics by asking what a place needs and what would be best for the whole package. He takes into account the people that will be there, the people that made the place, the owner, the architect, the weather, and the kind of plants for the soil. Eduardo says it’s vital to restore natural land. He does this by paying attention to the quietness of the space.

Eduardo knows that a large part of the resort is the endless rows of vines seen in a 360-degree view bordered by the Andes. He shared his unique perspective on wine, “Wine is something you need to take care of and many people sacrifice for that to happen. When you see how much care it takes for grapes to get to a bottle, you respect it more. The best of people and the best of nature results in wine.”

His goal for The Vines Resort and Spa is to show people how beautiful this part of the planet is. The trees, plants, flowers and other foliage  will come from Argentina as well as similar desert climates.

This addition to Mendoza’s exquisite view will enhance the resort. Eduardo hopes, “The placement of the plants connects everyone to nature and the overall feel of the landscape of Argentina.”

Ross Szabo is passing through Mendoza after spending 2 years in the Peace Corps in Botswana. 


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