The Vines of Mendoza

Cabernet Sauvignon 2003

Tasting Notes: Right from the first glance this wine stands out. The color is a light garnet, the aromas earthy with hints of green pepper. On the palate there is a lightness of body that does not detract from a mouth-coating texture. The bright, pure fruit character of the wine leads to an endless finish, leaving you crying out for food.

Recipe: Grilled lamb brochette with goat cheese and peach topped with a tomato mint pesto

Grand Assemblage 2003

Tasting Notes:  Elegant, intense aromas of ripe red fruits and spices, with fine notes from its ageing in French oak barrels. Harmonic, well balanced, with ripe and sweet tannins.

Excellent vin de garde. It is recommended to decant this wine for about 45 minutes before serving.

Recipe: Polpette meatballs stuffed with with almonds, breadcrumbs and parmesan with a pork broth

Cabernet with brochettes:

* Mariana noted that the combination was very smooth, the cheese and the peach make it soft in the mouth.  In the beginning in the mouth, the wine lags a bit, however on the finish it comes out strong along wtih the cheese that lingers as well.
* Carmelo:  very well balanced pairing

Although the brochettes were made to pair with the cabernet, they decided to try them with the Gran Assemblage to see what would happen:

* Mariana noted that the food definitely paired better with the cabernet.  The flavour or the Gran Assemblage is too delicate for the strong flavours of the brochettes.  The wine is too elegant and delicate for the food it does not clean the palate.
* Carmelo agreed, saying that the food is overpowering the wine, with the cabernet there is more harmony in the mouth, each one (food and wine) bringing out the best aspects of each other.

Polpetes with the Gran Assemblage

* Mariana's first comment:  wow  :)  It was a fabulous combination.  The beef broth is delicate, so it does not surpass the wine.
* Carmelo noted that the acidity in the wine was pairing well with the fat components in the food.  Very well balanced.
* Mariana liked the finish on this pairing the best.  In the first pairing the tannins are very present on the finish whereas this one is very smooth.  There is total harmony in all stages in the mouth.

The polpetes with the Cabernet:

* The polpetes are better with the Gran Assemblage.  The tannins in the wine overpower the food too much in this pairing.

Overall summary

* The Gran Assemblage with the polpetes is the "king" of the evening.  This pairing was completely harmonious on all levels of tasting, all of the flavours coming together to provie a smoothness in the mouth.
* The brochettes with the cabernet exudes freshness.  the peach pairs perfectly with the meat and the ciboulette adds an element of freshness to complete the tasting experience.
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