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A certified sommelier, Mariana is the Wine Director for The Vines of Mendoza, overseeing all of our vineyard owner wine production and planning, working closely with Pablo Martorell, our Winemaker.

Winemaker's Night | Cavas De Santos



Last Wednesday Santos Beck joined us for our weekly event Noches de Enólogos.

Santos is an industrial engineer, but most importantly, he is a WINE LOVER. Since he was 18 he started to be in contact with the wine world. He travelled to the main wine regions in Europe, worked and learned about the art of making wine.

In Argentina he started to collect wines from all over the world and as he felt wine was part if his destiny he decided to start his own project of wine making in 1994.

Santos has scouted very old vineyard in different wine regions from Mendoza and San Juan. “I am interested in making wine that can express our terroir, he says. Santos likes wine with character but that invite to continue drinking. He explains that wines over concentrated can lose their personality and end up being all alike.

We tasted 6 wines:

1. Santos Beck Gran Chardonnay/ Viogner 2007

Origin: Valle del Tulum, San Juan.
Vineyard elevation: 2,297 fts
Aging: 25% of the blend aged 6 months in French oak.
Price: U$ 13
Nice balance. Aromas of pears, pineapple, white peaches can be appreciated. Intense fruit flavors with equilibrated acidity. Lingering aftertaste.

2. Santos Beck Malbec 2007
Origin: Luján de Cuyo, Mendoza.
Vineyard elevation: 3,445 fts.
Aging: 6 months in French oak barrels of second and third use.
Price: U$ 10
Great Fruit forward character. In mouth it is medium bodied, great balance and easy to drink. Great Value!
We are featuring Santos Beck Malbec 2006 in our Spring Acequia Wine Club. Don’t miss it!

3. Santos Beck Gran Cabernet Sauvignon 2005

Origin: Maipú, Mendoza.
Vineyard elevation: 3,245 fts.
Aging: 10 - 14 months in French oak barrels: new and of first and second use.
Price: U$ 20 - 22
Intense color. Full-bodied, round and persistent. Good balance between the fruit and the oak.

4. Santos Beck Gran Malbec 2005
Origin: Maipú, Mendoza.
Vineyard elevation: 3,609 fts.
Aging: 10 - 14 months in French oak barrels: new and of first and second use.
Price: U$ 20 - 22
Deep violet color. Elegant fruit notes on the nose with some hints of vanilla. Well balanced and lingering finish. Good varietal expression.

5. Cavas de Santos Gran Vino 2003

Varietal Composition: 80% Syrah, 15% Malbec, 5 % Merlot.
Origin: Valle de Uco, Mendoza.
Vineyard elevation: 3,937 fts.
Aging: 18- 20 months in French oak barrels: new and of first use.
Price: U$ 40
Intense color. Complex and elegant aromas. Full bodied with a great explosion of flavors in mouth. Smooth tannins. Pleasant long finish.
Definitely my favorite wine of the night!

6. Cavas de Santos - generous sweet wine.
Varietal Composition: Moscatel de Alejandría
Origin: Valle del Zonda, San Juan
Vineyard elevation: 2,230 fts.
Aging: solera sytem from 2 to 5 years.
Sugar content: 120gr/lt
Alcohol: 16,6%
Price: U$ 30
Dark amber color. On the nose hints of honey, nuts and dried fruits. Despite the sugar content it has a great acidity creating a good harmony in mouth.

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