The Vines of Mendoza

Wines with origins in nature

FLOWER (flor)..., WINDS (vientos)..., TERROIR (terruño)..., and EARTH (tierra), elements from nature that will take you on a sublime ride!


La Flor Malbec 2007

Deep red with violet hues. The wine offers an intense nose of ripen red berries, vanilla and chocolate coming from it’s aging in oak. On the palate, it is balanced, with great character and full body; long finish and complexity.

Monteviejo  Lindaflor Malbec 2004

Brilliant intense red color with reflections of purple. Complex aromas of ripe plums and anise, black pepper and subtle notes of nutmeg. Good body, well structured and harmonized. A silky finish in the mouth.

Mil Vientos Syrah 2006

A deep ruby color but clear in the glass, this wine shines with a patina of old world elegance
and red velvet. The dark, expressive aromas hint at rain-dampened earth, black liquorice, and subtle
spice. It is like walking slowly down a tree-lined lane after a summer rain shower.

Mi terruno Reserve malbec 2007

Deep red colour with violet hues are expressed on the glass. Mature red fruits aromas are combined with chocolate and smoke originated from it's contact with first use oak barrels for 9 months. Round with soft and elegant tannins. Full body with long and pleasant finish.

Cinco Tierras Malbec 2005

This wine is the dark violet color of plums with an intensely floral bouquet that jumps right out of the glass. The palate contains the deep flavors of blueberries, black cherries, cassis, coffee and toasty notes from the touch of oak. The finish is long and complex with a faint spiciness.
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