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The Vines visits Bodega Trapiche

Last Week we were invited to visit Tributo Winery, Trapiche's newest project development in innovation,commitment and passion for the land.

"Trapiche `Tributo` was born to pay homage to each and every worker, harvester and winemaker who has been, and still is, a key player in the history of viticulture and winemaking in Argentina.

`Tributo` winery is a ten-hectare estate surrounded vineyards and olive trees exclusively dedicated to the brand`s icon wines: from the popular Broquel(US)/ Fond de Cave (AR) line to country`s premier Single Vineyard Malbecs, a project which started in 2005  and which main aim is to honor 20 grape growers that have worked and trusted Trapiche for more than a century.  Three Single Vineyard Malbecs receive the name of its grape producers each year.

The vineyards planted in front of the winery, are managed under the biodynamic philosophy. The building, inspired by the Italian Renaissance, was once a model winery owned by the Cavagnaro family back in 1912. Sold
by the founders, it was soon abandoned in 1970. It was, however, only in 2006 that Trapiche acquired the historical building, aiming to rescue the spirit of its creation by restoring its original structure, recycling its interiors and monumental façade, as well as incorporating the latest state-of-the-art technology and equipment for the production of its high-end wines.

[youtube 8rqU9Vd1-pA]
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