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A certified sommelier, Mariana is the Wine Director for The Vines of Mendoza, overseeing all of our vineyard owner wine production and planning, working closely with Pablo Martorell, our Winemaker.

Tasting Some of the Highest Rated Argentinian Wines: Vina Cobos


The Vines of Mendoza was invited to taste the whole line of wines of Viña Cobos… and clearly we could not miss this great opportunity to taste some of the best wines from Argentina, as they have been recognized worldwide and specially by The Wine Advocate reviews.

Paul Hobbs visited Argentina in 1989 and he became immediately interested in both the terroir and Argentine culture, noticing the unique potential for Malbec and other varietals in the region. In 1997 Andrea Marchiori and Luis Barraud met Paul in California and they decided to found Viña Cobos. Since then, Paul and his Argentine partners have grown their portfolio of ultra-premium wines to include Cobos Nico, Bramare, and Felino which continue to receive even greater accolades.

We had a remarkable tour led by Luis Barraud, President of Viña Cobos and the oenologist responsible for the winemaking process. Along the tasting, we talked about winemaking techniques, vintages and grape varieties. Despite the fact that the Malbecs made by Viña Cobos are intense wines with an ideal varietal expression, I was mostly impressed by their Cabernet Sauvignon.

As you may already know, Malbec has become our emblematic wine in Argentina and it is very rare to find great reviews from our Cabernet Sauvignons. Most of Cabs are lighter and less intense compared to the character this varietal gets in California or Bordeaux. however, Bramare Cabernet Sauvignon could be easily compared to some of the best world-class cabs coming from the best wine regions.

I asked Luis about this controversial varietal in Argentina, and he answered with a firm statement “I think Cabernet Sauvignon is the best red grape worldwide and so it is in Argentina ” Accoring to Luis, Malbec was the grape that opened Argentina the door to the world. Nonetheless, Cabernet Sauvignon will be the one that will keep this door opened once people start drinking Argentine wine. He explains that Cabernet is more difficult to grow in Argentina than the Malbec, but if you carry out a good vineyard management the results can be astounding.

This is the second time I hear a winemaker talk that well about Cabs. Rob Lawson, our Winery Operation Adviser for Private Vineyard Estates, has also planted Cabernet Sauvignon in our project. He is convinced there is a great potential for Cabs in Mendoza and he is determined to make the best Cabernet Sauvignon from Argentina.

For those who are Cabernet Sauvignon lovers, don’t miss one of the best Cabs from Argentina;

Bramare Marchiori Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon 2006
Vineyard: 11 year-old vines located in Predriel, Luján de Cuyo at 3.215 feet above sea level.
Harvest: 6,6 tons / ha. Manual had picking. Date: May 5th 2006
Oak aging: 18 months in French and American oak. 66% new oak.
Tasting Notes: Deep red with black hues in color. This a bold concentrated cabernet with intense aromas of blackberry and red cherry. In mouth, it is full-bodied and complex with flavors of  black fruit, soft spices and tobacco. Its incredible velvety tannins persist through its lingering finish.
Alcohol: 15,2% ( don’t worry… it is perfectly integrated so you won’t notice!)



Cobos Nico, Marchiori Vineyard
2006 Cobos Nico Marchiori Vineyard  _ 96
2005 Cobos uNico  Marchiori Vineyard _ 98
Cobos Malbec, Marchiori Vineyard
2006 Cobos Malbec Marchiori Vineyard _ 99
2005 Cobos Malbec Marchiori Vineyard _ 98
2004 Cobos Malbec Marchiori Vineyard _ 98
2003 Cobos Malbec Marchiori Vineyard _ 97
2002 Cobos Malbec Marchiori Vineyard _ 96
1999 Cobos Malbec Marchiori Vineyard  _ 95
Bramare Malbec, Marchiori Vineyard
2006 Bramare Malbec Marchiori Vineyard_ (96-99)
2005 Bramare Malbec Marchiori Vineyard _ 96
2003 Bramare Malbec Marchiori Vineyard _ 93
Bramare Malbec, Luján de Cuyo
2006 Bramare Malbec Appellation Lujan de Cuyo_94
2005 Bramare Malbec Appellation Lujan de Cuyo _ 93
Bramare Cabernet Sauvignon, Marchiori Vineyard
2005 Bramare Cabernet Sauvignon Marchiori Vineyard_94
2004 Bramare Cabernet Sauvignon Marchiori Vineyard_92
Bramare Cabernet Sauvignon, Luján de Cuyo
2006 Bramare Cabernet Sauvignon Appellation Lujan de Cuyo _ 93
2005 Bramare Cabernet Sauvignon Appellation Lujan de Cuyo _ 92
Bramare Chardonnay, Marchiori Vineyard
2007 Bramare Chardonnay Marchiori Vineyard _ 92
Felino Malbec, Mendoza
2007 Felino Malbec Mendoza _  91
2006 El Felino Malbec Mendoza _ 92
Felino Cabernet Sauvignon, Mendoza
2007 Felino Cabernet Sauvignon Mendoza _ 91
2006 Cocodrilo Cabernet Sauvignon Mendoza _ 91
Felino Merlot, Mendoza
2007 Felino Merlot Mendoza _ 91
2006 LaGarto Merlot Mendoza _90
2007 Felino Chardonnay Mendoza _ 91

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