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A certified sommelier, Mariana is the Wine Director for The Vines of Mendoza, overseeing all of our vineyard owner wine production and planning, working closely with Pablo Martorell, our Winemaker.

An Italian Winemaker making Malbec


Mendoza has become pole of attraction for wine lovers and wine professionals from all over the world. Giuseppe Franceschini, a young Italian winemaker, fell in love with Mendoza (and a Mendocina) and decided to start making his own Malbec from Argentina; BACAN.

Bacan 2007 has been featured in our Summer Acequia Wine Club

Bacán is a word used in the tango language (lunfardo), to define a man that loves good life elegant and refined, gallant with the women, lover of the parties and good wine. Grapes for this wine come from an 80-year-old vineyard. Fermentation and maceration was carried out in 15 days in stainless steel tanks at controlled temperature.

Debonair and spicy this wine is the true gentleman with delicate sensibilities. Black raspberry, blackberry with bittersweet chocolate, the lively pepper, cinnamon, and tobacco round out the mouth and nose with a long finish of black fruit and tannins.

Tasting this great Malbec, Giuseppe told me more about his wine passion.

Q1: Where did you study to become a winemaker?

I studied at Università degli Studi di Udine (Italia), while studying I worked in Friuli, Veneto, Sicilia and Argentina. Currently, I work half a year in Argetina, and half a year in Italy; Toscana, Veneto, Friuli and Argentina.
Q2:Why did you choose Argentina to make your wine ‘Bacan’?

Some months before getting my degree in Udine University, I decided I wanted to have an experience abroad, to understand and learn about winemaking in the New World. From the very beginning I saw in Mendoza a great potential, and I decided that I had to come back to make my wine. I started a project with a colleague and friend from University and we created our wine BACAN.

Q3: Which varietals do you think have a good potential in Argentina besides Malbec?

I think Syrah has not been explored as much yet in Mendoza, but I do believe this varietal could give us wines of great structure, character, and complexity. It could be a wine in the middle of a Barossa V. y la Cote du Rhone and of course be a true competitor to the best exponents of this varietal. Torrontés Riojano is another grape varietal that still has a lot to express. We are already enjoying the potential of this unique wine… it is necessary to continue working to get the best out of it.
Q4: Apart from your own project Bacan, are you working as a wine consultant?

That is right. I started in 2007 to work as a wine consultant and currently I am working with 4 projects in Argentina and 4 in Italy.
Q5: Which wines/ varietals are your favorite world-wide?

I like a lot the well-balanced wine that combines its great potential and its elegance. I love Sauvignon Blancs from Sancerre because of their mineral notes, lively aromas and crispness. I really enjoy a good Riesling from Austria as well as some amazing Pinot Noirs from Burgundy.  I am a fan of Barolo y Barbaresco, one of the reds with the most outstanding character and originality from the world.

Of course, I can not leave Malbec out. Undoubtedly, Malbec is a varietal that is conquering wine lovers world-wide and still with a lot of potential to explore.

Giuseppe FranceschiniGiuseppe Franceschini
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