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More Mendoza Malbec in the News!


Malbec is certainly becoming a household name, much to our delight. It seems that everyday there is a new article about the increasing popularity of Argentine Malbecs. This week the Chicago Tribune  and The Vail Daily both published articles about how the American public is thirsting for the spicy complexity of Malbec with a price that you can afford for dinner and drinks with friends.

Malbec Grapes- The Vines of Mendoza, Private Vineyard Estates

Some interesting excerpts:

Chicago Tribune-  Malbec's Star Turn (full article posted below)
"Dollar sales of Argentine malbec in the United States were up 147 percent in 2008 as compared to 2006... and The U.S. is Argentina's top export market for malbec."

"Malbecs give you high quality at bargain prices and they are so food friendly."

The Vail Daily- Argentine Wines: excellent vino for an attractive price

"Argentina is a country that I greatly admire for two reasons: the people and the wine. You can find kind passionate people in Argentina as well as good wine."

"Good producers are easy to find in this country for several reasons; vineyard land is relatively inexpensive, labor is readily-available, old-vineyard plantings already exist and very good vintages are the norm. However, what sets Argentina’s wines apart from others are the perfectly-situated, high-altitude vineyards that abut up to the Eastern slopes of the Andes Mountains."
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