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Inaugural Wine at The Vines of Mendoza


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It is a momuentous day, and for those of us that are Americans living abroad it is not only an historic moment in history but it also makes us remember where are roots are. There have been numerous articles about suggestions for the inauguration wine to the actual wines themselves from Huffington Post to the San Francisco Chronicle. So we gringos at The Vines of Mendoza would like to share our suggestions, basically a little Mendoza twist.

Personally we are in the midst of summer and are indulging in  the best of homemade mexican tacos (believe us the ingredients are hard to find!) and margaritas and beer, but for those of you in the states, we would like to offer Argentina's best to celebrate!

Start off with some bubbly, just the sound will make you happy! Try Carmelo Patti's espumante, he is an absolute jewel of a man doing everything himself, exemplifying the american tradition of ingenuity.
Then in honor of the inaugural seafood stew and pheasant dishes we would like to recommend the Luca Pinot Noir. Made by Laura Catena, daughter of visionary Nicolas Catena, who is actually a surgeon in the SF bay area. Spicy, interesting and a conversation starter it is a perfect wine to serve to friends.

Then for the main course and for something that is as inspirational and profound as our newly inaugurated president, the Bessia Conjuro. While expensive its well worth it. (for a more economical model try out the Flechas de los Andes.

So however you choose to celebrate, we raise a glass of Argentina's best bubbly to a new year and a new era.
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