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Starbucks is getting popular in Argentina


Starbucks logo This is not actually related to wine, but for those of us gringos at The Vines of Mendoza who are addicted to our caffeine infused mornings that we can take "on the go," the news that Starbucks is gaining popularity in Argentina is actually a bit exciting. In Argentina, it is a cultural habit to stop at a cafe for a coffee drink, (but is fairly time consuming) and almost never, can you find anywhere that offers coffee to go. Just in the last six months did Starbucks open their first location in Buenos Aires and the line was reminiscent of a top level rock concert, people were so excited to try their turn at ordering a non-fat-caramel-macchiato-extra-hot-with-a-dash-of-foam-something-or-other.

Actually despite recent closures in the US, Argentina is one of few countries that is ramping up franchises. At the moment there are only two locations in Buenos Aires, but for those of us here in Mendoza, we can be hopeful that a franchise is being considered.

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