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Michael Evans is the Founder & CEO of The Vines of Mendoza.

Research trip to Salta


Bryan and I loaded up the pick up and headed to Cafayate in the province of Salta in far North of Argentina.  We traveled about 1,100 km in 14 hours -- and when we arrived it was worth every minute of the journey.  Below is "La Quebrada de Cafayate" -- a large canyon that runs between Cafayate and Salta capital.

_MHE0378 (1)

We visited the El Porvenir bodega (loosely translated as 'forward-looking").  They have a beautiful winery, and wines to match.  In one word, their wines are all about balance.  Given the heat and altitude here in Cafayate (about 500 meters higher than Mendoza), the wines from the region tend to be very, very intense.  El Porvenir keeps that intensity, but in a balanced and elegant way.  We tasted 10 wines before lunch... My favorites were the 2006 Laborum Malbec and their insanely juicy 2005 yet-to-be-named and yet-to be-released blend.  It's a powerhouse.  Bryan shared my liking of the blend and fell in love with their very nice Tannat.

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