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Winemaker Night is Back!


by Mariana Onofri

We are back!! Winemaker's nights are back!

Winemaker's is one of the most special events we carry out every Wednesday from 7pm to 9am at The Vines of Mendoza Tasting Room. Local wineries are invited to come over and present their wines to a varied and exclusive public of wine lovers. Oenologists and owners have the chance to talk about their history, convictions, goals and dreams! And we have the chance to get to know more and more about this fascinating industry.

After our winter event recess, we came back with VIÑAS DE LUJAN. Carlos Liberal, owner and a person with a vast knowledge, and Mariano Vignone, winemaker of Matura Group, shared with us their passion and experience. VIÑAS DE LUJAN is a small family project that started over 20 years ago. They started growing vines and not long ago they decided to begin in this great challenge of making their own wine.

Their vineyard is located in the foothills of the Andes in Ugarteche and Agrelo, Luján de Cuyo. These areas are known as primary zones for fine grapes. There is an outstanding combination of soil, great thermal amplitude, scarce rainfall and a perfect sunlight.

Carlos introduced us their two lines of wines: LAS LOICAS and INSTINTO.


LAS LOICAS is a special line of wine since it is made from organic grapes. The work done in their vineyards complies with all the techniques and procedures required by official regulations of organic production and of the OIA ( Organización Internacional Agropecuaria), European Norms, IFOAM and NOP norms. They certify the products since they control all the grape growing and wine production processes in order to guarantee the sustainability of the production along time without the use of any chemical product.

In this line we tasted:

, being released in a couple of months. This is a classic malbec, easy to drink and really pleasant!

, this wine will be released in 8 months after the bottle aging is over. Although this wine was bottled not long ago, it has a really nice roundness that talk very well of polyphenols’ ripeness.

We are happy to be featuring LAS LOICAS RESERVAS CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2006 in our Autumn Acequia Wine Club. Visit our page

As I mentioned it before we tasted two wines from their line INSTINTOS, made from their vineyard located in Agrelo, Luján de Cuyo.

, a wine already in the market and currently being exported to USA and Europe. Nice nose expression and color intensity with a great balance between the oak and fruit concentration.

, a nice cab with a lot of ripe black fruit and an interesting spice influence.

We really had a very appealing evening!!

If you are in Mendoza… don’t miss our next winemaker’s night! Ricominciare will be presenting for the first time their wines in Mendoza!!!
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