The Vines of Mendoza

Who needs Turkey for Thanksgiving when you've got BEEF??


Shocking as it is to realize, it's mid-September and Thanksgiving is just around the corner! As we get closer to the big date we will of course be recommending our favorite wines for the big T-Day, but in the meantime we'd like to share a great deal with you that we found in our incessant scouring of the web for Argentina related news.

A visit to Argentina (Mendoza, specifically) is never out of season. If anybody is looking to escape from their family this Thanksgiving, you should definitely take a look at this vacation package! There's not too much pavo around (that's spanish for turkey), but who needs it when you've got the best beef in the world?

Just don't get caught smuggling in those cranberries...

Argentine Vacation a Deal for Thanksgiving Travelers
by Gwen E. Kirby Sep 12, 2008 (Click to Read article on Argentina's Travel Homepage)

Thanksgiving is still several months away, but for travelers who want to live theirs up in style there is a new vacation package for the holiday Argentina. According to MSNBC, the vacation package includes several days in Buenos Aires at the Waldorf Hotel in the center of the city. Then, the trip takes you to Mendoza, Argentina's wine country, where vacationers will enjoy visiting vineyards at the foot of the Andres. For 1,629 dollars, travelers get round trip air fare to and from the United States, to and from Mendoza, hotels for six nights, and breakfast every day. It also includes a wine tour in Mendoza. The departure dates are Oct. 30th, November 13th, and November 27th and the vacation can be booked with Budget Travel.
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