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September is Malbec Month at TVoM!


We at The Vines of Mendoza all love Malbec, and there's certainly a lot of options to choose from here. We taste through veritable rivers of wine in order select the best for each price and style - this month we hope you'll join us in indulging our passion for Argentina's emblematic red grape!

Over the course of the month we will be posting reviews of some of our favorite Malbecs, as well as links to articles by other wine lovers around the world. In true festive style, and to make it a little bit easier for you to celebrate with us, every Malbec in our online store will be 20% off starting tomorrow, September 9.

To jump start Malbec Month, the following link will take you to a recent post by James the Wine Guy about our favorite grape. (Click on the quote to see the full article)
"There is no wine that is as near and dear as Malbec..."

We couldn't have said it better ourselves.

As the month goes on, please write in with your own thoughts and tasting notes! Let's get the party started!
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