The Vines of Mendoza

The Vines goes on Tour- Part II


By Mariana Onofri

The Vines team was also able to visit several other noteworthy boutique Mendoza wineries in the course of our annual Vines winery training. But first, we had to indulge in a typical Argentine tradition, the amazing asado!


Then we headed to Pulenta Estate in Alto Agrelo. We were warmly welcomed by Ana Pozo, responsible for Tourism, and Javier Lo Forte, Pulenta Estate's assistant winemaker.


The Pulenta family has been involved in Argentine winemaking for three generations. Sons of the well known winegrower Antonio Pulenta and descendants from Italian immigrants, Eduardo and Hugo Pulenta, founded this winery in 2002.

Their philosophy reflects their attention to detail, achieving the best quality in their products, while producing small and exclusive wines with care.

After touring the beautiful facilities of this state-of-the art winery, we conducted a vertical tasting.

PULENTA ESTATE MALBEC 2008 (in tanks - pure fruit!!)
PULENTA ESTATE MALBEC 2007 (still in barrels - the oak influence was really present)
PULENTA ESTATE MALBEC 2006 (already bottled - a much more complex and balanced wine!)

It was very interesting to be able to taste the same wine in the different stages and appreciate how the wine changes and improves with time.

Again... this is a winery you cannot miss if you are visiting Mendoza! But most importantly you can not miss tasting PULENTA ESTATE WINES!!!! Visit our online store and you will find a great selection of their wines. (

Already 5 pm... We had had a great day so far... but the best was yet to come!!

We visited our last destination of that day, Bodega Bressia.


Bodega Bressia, a small family winery specializing in high quality wines, produces only 4 wines, all of which The Vines carries in our store and Tasting Room. Every time we taste any of their new products we fall in love!!

Walter Bressia, owner and winemaker, received us, together with his daughter Marita Bressia.

Walter has over 30 years experience as a winemaker, and every family member has a role in the winery and shares a great passion for wine!

We tasted wine from their oak barrel aging room and also tasted two of their best wines the LAGRIMA CANELA and BRESSIA CONJURO. And we spent more than two hours sharing Walter Bressia's anecdotes, knowledge and charm.

LAGRIMA CANELA 2006 is a white blend of Chardonnay-Semillón, with oak aging, that has the perfect balance between a fruity,crispy wine and a delicate, complex buttery one. Even though Argentina is not usually known for its whites ... I invite you to taste this wine and you will realize the potential Argentina has for white wines as well!

is... what can I say... it IS one of my favorite wines! You don't expect to find so much refinement, vigor and complexity in the same wine...a blend made from Malbec mainly, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, all grapes brought from Valle de Uco. This wine you shouldn't miss if you want to taste one of the best wines made in Argentina!
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