The Vines of Mendoza

The 2008 Argentine grape harvest


The results of the 2008 harvest
By: Ma. Soledad GonzalezVery variable climatic conditions demanded talent and rationality from growers and winemakers. This year's harvest has been classified as complicated for early varieties, outstanding for medium ripening-time varieties, and hard for late varieties.

Although Argentina has experienced a decrease in wine grape production in this year's harvest, wines are considered encouraging. The figures presented by the National Grape-growing and Winemaking Institute (INV) indicate a drop in Mendoza by 10.9% as a result of hail storms and intense rainfalls registered in January and February. Nevertheless, a report submitted by the Association of Argentina's Winemaking and Food Professionals (APEAA) describe the 2008 harvest as one that will set people talking.
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