The Vines of Mendoza

The Weak Dollar Leads to the Triumph of Argentine Wine


We all know it - not only are our favorite Argentine wines yummy, but they also provide fantastic value. As the American dollar loses strength against many of the world's currencies, Argentina may well be the last frontier for wine exploration.

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By Zev Rovine

The ever-evolving wine industry lends itself to trends and fads and, like all things, trends seem to happen in cycles and it may be Malbec's chance to return to the spotlight.

There are of course many factors that affect these kinds of shifts and in this case the overwhelmingly pivotal factor seems to be the economy. With the dollar suffering against the euro, the old mainstay value wines of Spain, Italy and France are no more which has made the significance of countries such as Argentina and Chile all the more potent.

Malbec's roots can be traced back the northern Burgundy in Auxerrois but became a mainstay of the Bordeaux industry for many years. Due to its tendency toward frost damage, mildew and rot Malbec became a grape primarily used from blending. In the region of Cahors, Malbec has held steady over the years as the region's primary variety and due to its stiff tannins and dark color has gained the reputation of ³the black wine of Cahors.² While these wines can be stunning, the region where Malbec is celebrated the most is Argentina.


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