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Argentina goes to Napa


Florencia Pereyra, our community relations manager for the Vines of Mendoza, has the amazing opportunity to work with our consultant Rob Lawson (Napa Valley Wine Company, Pavi Wines) in the Napa Valley for a harvest. We all miss her terribly but will be documenting her experiences and progress throughout this exciting wine adventure. Here is the first in a series of blogs that she is writing from the Napa Valley for everyone here at the Vines of Mendoza.

My first crush!

Yes I did it!!! I am currently in the Napa Valley, California, working as an intern for Rob Lawson, a consultant for several wineries in the Napa Valley as well as the owner/winemaker of Pavi Wines. Here I am in my first harvest, experiencing everything from picking the grapes to working in the cellar with everyone making wine. By the end of my time here I might even be a winemaker!


Flor's first crush

Yesterday afternoon we crushed Pinot Grigio. It was a nice experience to sort the fruit, selecting just the right clusters. The goal was to keep only the best fruit and take out those that were not a good enough quality to press.

Everyone on the team is great, joking with me all the time. The Mexican guys are the best, however, as I get to speak a little Spanish with them. Claudio, an Italian intern working for Napa Wine Company (were Rob makes all his wines) also helps with the selection and crush process.

It is a very international environment right now in the Napa Valley, with interns from all over the world working the harvest for different wineries. I am meeting many interns from Australia, France, U.S, Chile, Brazil and Argentina all gathering for the same interest…wine.

The weather in California is getting hot and we are getting ready for the red varietals which should be coming in the following weeks…I'm so excited!!!

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