The Vines of Mendoza

A Gratis Bottle with Every New Vines Flight Collection - Through Nov. 2nd


Los Tintos

Las MuestrasLos MalbecsReservas Malbec
Reservas de Argentina

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 Los Tintos
 Las Muestras
 Los Malbecs
 Las Reservas
de Malbecs

 Las Reservas
de Argentina


These collections are extremely popular in our downtown Mendoza Tasting Room and now, for the first time, they are available in the US and Europe!

LOS TINTOS: An expressive array of Argentine reds
LAS MUESTRAS: A signature sampling of regional varietals
LOS MALBECS: A classic collection of Mendoza malbecs
LAS RESERVAS DE MALBECS: An exclusive introduction to Argentine malbecs
LAS RESERVAS DE ARGENTINA: A selection of the country's best wines

Each flight collection offers a unique and in-depth perspective into the world of Argentine

wine and is being offered at a special discount to its regular retail price.

And now through November 2nd a sixth complimentary bottle will be included in each

flight collection to add even more excitement to your tasting experience.

Visit our Mendoza Tasting Room from the comfort of your own home, relive your Argentine

adventure and impress your friends and family with your inside scoop on Argentine wines.

And for those of you in the US, be sure to purchase by November 2nd in order to share these

wines at your Thanksgiving celebrations!


The Vines of Mendoza

*Quantities are limited. Gratis bottle(s) available through November 2nd, 2007 only.
**For European residents, please contact us directly to place your order at
. We apologize that at this time your order cannot be

processed via our online store.

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