The Vines of Mendoza

The Vines of Mendoza plants vines at the Private Vineyard Estates!


This last weekend we planted our first vines at our Valle de Uco property marking a major milestone for us here at The Vines as well as for our Private Vineyard Estate owners. We will be planting over 475,000 vines consisting of 14 varietals on 200 acres of virgin land.
Pablo Giménez Riili

It has been amazing to watch the evolution of the vineyard development, transforming a wide-open rugged landscape into an actual vineyard with rows, posts and trellising. Our team of experts, including agronomist Diego Reina and consulting winemaker Santiago Achával, have taken extreme care with every aspect of the design: land clearing, row spacing, vineyard post placement, trellising, and irrigation as well as procuring the best vines from nurseries in Argentina and Italy.

New vineyards

We are all so excited by this momentus event. This first planting for our owners is just the beginning of their winemaking adventure!

If you are interested in becoming a Private Vineyard Estate owner, please contact David Garrett at
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