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Francisco Evangelista is The Vines' Chief Agronomist - overseeing our more than 700 planted acres of vines.

Private Vineyard Estates, Vintage 2007 Update - Ripening


Last week I went to check the growth of our grapes in the Uco Valley, Mendoza, which are growing directly next to our property, and they have started ripening (envero en Espanol)! The Merlot grapes are pictured and they should be ready to harvest around the second half of March. Merlot Grapes Uco Valley ripening

The grapes are growing very well and have not been overexposed to the sun, a small preliminary concern of mine. This means that we have not over-pruned the leaves during canopy management.

In a couple weeks we will green harvest the grapes. This involves throwing out the clusters of grapes that are either too ripe or not ripe enough so that the grapes will all have homogenous levels of maturity. Green harvesting improves concentration of color and flavors by directing the energy of the vines to only the optimum grape clusters. Ultimately resulting in better wine, green haversting is a common practice for most fine wine producers in Argentina and around the world.

We are only two months away from harvest and Vendimia!
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