The Vines of Mendoza

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Francisco Evangelista is The Vines' Chief Agronomist - overseeing our more than 700 planted acres of vines.

Private Vineyards Update - Clearing the Land


Clearing Uco Valley, Mendoza, ArgentinaIn order to plant vines on the Private Vineyard Estates the land must be cleared. Over the past 10 days we have cleared 25 acres of brush (scrubs, cactuses, large bushes and small trees) at the property in the Uco Valley. There are now three machines working on the property, focused on the west end and clearing the land specifically for the Private Vineyards.

Cleared land, Uco Valley, Mendoza ArgentinaThe land clearing has allowed me to view the soil structure on a larger scale. The soil structure in many places is even better than we had originally expected, with a higher ratio of sand to stones. The higher proportion of sand means that the roots of the vines will be able to grow to a greater depth and there will be better drainage. The higher concentration of sand will also let us exercise tighter control over future vineyard irrigation and fertilization.

40 more days and 225 more acres of land will be cleared...then individual vineyards will be marked, the land will be leveled and construction of the trellis systems will be begin. We are only a few short months away form putting your vines in the ground!

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