The Vines of Mendoza

BBQ Pizza


BBQ Pizza NightBBQ Pizza is a delicacy in some small towns in the US, but it takes on a whole different meaning when you are actually cooking the pizaa on a BBQ (or parilla if in Argentina) instead of adding some BBQ sauce to a chicken pizza. I find it hard to imagine anything much worse than chicken and BBQ sauce on a pizza - not so with pizza made on a parilla. David, one of the partners at Vines, was the chef -- In addition to the pizza David made some of his famous hamburgers - just in case the pizza didn't work out.

While the first couple came out a bit on the well done side (I have included a photo to the right to give you a sense of what it looked like). Once David got the technique down the pizzas were quite good. OK, so that is not a picture of the pizza - it is the cover of an AC/DC album - but you get the point. Not that I am complaining about food - I would rather someone cooks and I can be in charge of eating.ACDC

The night also logged the end of a long day for some of the staff who were giving a tour to a pair of architects from the US who are helping the team design the Vines Resort. John & Hadrian, the architects, had spent the day touring the countryside to get a feel for the Mendoza lifestyle - so they were a little bit tired from the long day (and not being used to Argentine scheduling, they were probably ready for bed when we started cooking at 10:00 PM).

That is it for today - soon an update on what the architects learned about Argentina.
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