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Francisco Evangelista is The Vines' Chief Agronomist - overseeing our more than 700 planted acres of vines.

Oh, the Varietals!


Last week we were able to show you the first photos of the Malbec plants we are growing for the owners of our Private Vineyard Estates, this week we can fill you in on the other varietals we are just starting to nurture. On a recent trip to Italy and France I had the chance to visit the many plants that we are cultivating. I can tell you that the vines are maturing rapidly and should be ready to be shipped to us in July of 2007. They are a beautiful group of plants and those you who have invested in a Private Vineyard are going to be very excited when that first crop of grapes is harvested! Here is the list of varietals that we are cultivating:

Cabernet Sauvignon: 20,000 plants
Cabernet Franc: 84,000 plants
Merlot: 66,000 plants
Syrah: 35,000 plants
Tempranillo: 11,500 plants
Chardonnay: 18,500 plants
Sauvignon Blanc: 8,000 plants
Petit Verdot: 5,400 plants
Viognier: 18,200 plants
Marsanne: 2,300 plants
Roussanne: 2,3000 plants
Zinfandel: 9,000 plants

All of these varietals are being grown in Italy and France -- the Malbec plants (250,000 of them) are being nurtured right here in Mendoza. I will add pictures in a couple of days so you can see the full glory of the plants. Until then you can just dream of their beauty (or crack open a bottle of Zinfandel and dream of the day when your own Zin is ready)!

Happy Dreams
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