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Francisco Evangelista is The Vines' Chief Agronomist - overseeing our more than 700 planted acres of vines.

The Buds are Popping


Malbec BudUnder the watchful eyes of the Vines of Mendoza staff and consultants the vineyards of the first Private Vineyard owners are starting to take root. The process all began with masal selection.

Masal selection is the selection of those plants that have the characteristics that fit the needs of the vine grower. Then, the plants are multiplied and grown in a nursery.

The characteristics that we looked for were low production and medium vigor. Our experience tells us these will result in the best quality wine, in terms of complexity and color. The masal selection process helps us ensure that our Private Vineyard owners produce the remarkable varietal characteristics of a fine Malbec.

We are happy to report that our selection process is already yielding fruit (in a metaphorical sense). To date, every bud planted sprouted healthyMalbec Vines at the Nursery and promises excellent fruit. The root systems are growing fast and vigorously. It is these initial root systems that will feed the leaves and grapes with the well-balanced nutrients the soil, fertilization and irrigation system will provide.

We have include a photo of the plants at Nursery "Las Delicias" where they are taking the proper care of these babies.

For those of you who have purchased Private Vineyard Estates the future has arrived and she is budding furiously.
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