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Pairing Empanadas and Bold Red Wines


5 Reasons to Pair Empanadas & Bold Wines

Living in Argentina, we eat a lot of empanadas, and test endless varieties, and the truth is that they are delicious with pretty much everything. But, when you have the best in Argentine wines at your fingertips, and such a great assortment of fabulous homemade empanadas readily available to rate, rank and enjoy, there is no reason not to pair it with the best possible Argentine vino.

So .. I'm going to give you five reasons why you want to pair empanadas with a bold red as you enter this fabulous fall season. And we're not just talking Malbecs.

1) Cabernet Sauvingnon is one of the most tannic varietals, so it can be astringent and dry. So you need something dense with rich ingredients to  balance it out. The rich ingredients, and particularly the oils in the empanada, help to produce the saliva, so that your mouth doesn't get too dry. It's like a delicious bridge between the food and the wine.

Ok, that sounds a little gross I admit. And is a bit more scientific than most of our meal selections. So let's make a bit simpler -- the ingredients are a great fit.

2) Simply enough, the ingredients. Meat, onion, garlic, and spices from empanadas pair very well with the spiciness richness of Cabernet Sauvignon. While you might think you should avoid pairing flavor characteristics that are so similar, in this case, this is not so. Syrah's delicate spicy and fruity nature provides a great match. Malbec is also a great pairing as Argentina's quintessential grape, with boldness and pepper to spare. Also, with Malbec, the more structured nature and thicker aftertaste can hold up to a meat empanada very well.

What's for dessert? Lemon pie. Las Perdices Late Harvest Viognier and lemon pie specifically. The perfect sugar and citrus combination. While you might feel the need to stick with something richer after such a rich meal, this light citrus pairing works well, providing a refreshing end to your dinner.

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