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Sharon Nieuwenhuis is The Vines' PR & Communications Director. You can find her working with International press about The Vines' experience, from private vineyard owner winemaking to The Vines Resort & Spa to adventure activities in the Uco Valley, and just about everything in between.

Summer Reading


Taking Your Team to the Top – Ted Sundquist  

Looking for a bit more of a reality check and great advice about how to be a fabulous leader? Check out NFL pro Ted Sundquist’s ‘Taking Your Team to the Top,’ which includes quotes from The Vines’ Michael Evans on how he approaches leadership and team development.  

Winemaking is Dependent on the perfect balance and perfect fit of team members. Michael Evans told me, “We evaluate employees based on their professional abilities, but also their ability to fit within our organization. Team fit and positive attitude are the most important attributes for our staff.  

The Four Hour Chef – Tim Ferriss  

Do all of our recipes from Francis Mallmann have you feeling hungry and inspired, but still a bit gun shy in the kitchen? Let Tim Ferriss’ latest book, The Four Hour Chef, help you out. Not only does he provide kitchen and grill options for mimicking Mallmann’s famous fire methods, but he also includes interesting takes on re-creating the masterpieces of other great chefs.

Prefer to make reservations? He teaches you how to say “I’m hungry” in nine languages as well as how to understand your palate:

Let’s try an experiment. Get a few jelly beans of different flavors. Cherry, root beer, coffee, whatever. Avoid anything with strong sour or hot characteristics. Avoid anything with strong sour or hot characteristics. Now close your eyes, pinch your nose shut, and eat them one at a time. Try to guess the flavors. If you prefer, get two glasses of wine, one red and one white, and repeat the drill.  

So, there you have it. Download these from and you’re all set to travel well, succeed in business, and perfect what’s on your plate in just one summer.

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