The Vines of Mendoza

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Tiffany Nice set out on a backpacking adventure last year and now finds herself calling Mendoza home, working to open South America’s finest resort and taking in plenty of sun and wine in her down time.

Meet our Architects: Bórmida & Yanzón


Day by day, we're seeing what once only lived in renders come to fruition in the Uco Valley at The Vines Resort & Spa. During this exciting time, we wanted to take a moment to introduce you to the creative minds behind the design of this luxury resort. We are thrilled to partner with prestigious Argentine architectural firm Bórmida & Yanzón on the development of The Vines Resort & Spa. Bórmida & Yanzón have won accolades and awards for designing some of the best wineries in Argentina, including Salentein, Septima, DiamAndes and Vistalba. Their architecture in inspired by communities and regional landscapes, accounting for contemporary challenges while honoring local values and traditions. The Vines of Mendoza has worked with the firm previously to design The Vines Wine Bar & Vinoteca in the Park Hyatt and our winery located in our Private Vineyard Estates in the Uco Valley. Below, learn more about B&Y from Eliana Bórmida & Luisa Yanzón, who are leading the project for The Vines Resort & Spa. architectsBWNew (1) The design of the Resort & Spa is a continuation of your ongoing work with The Vines. What is special about this particular project?

We see the Resort & Spa as a pinnacle of our work with the Vines – Michael Evans has even called it the crown jewel! Each of our projects with the company tell a part of the story, and we’ve enjoyed helping to create that narrative. The Vines Resort & Spa will bring the very best of The Vines together in a collection of extraordinary Argentine wine country experiences to be enjoyed by travelers from around the world. We’ve drawn from some of the essential natural elements of the Andean countryside - gravel, stone, breeze and sun light - and made them “protagonistas” of the architecture.

You have created more than 30 wineries and visited many of the world’s most renowned winemaking regions. What is it about Mendoza’s Uco Valley that sets it apart from the rest?

Our work has taken us to the world’s premiere wine regions, including throughout Argentina, Uruguay, Chile and Portugal. In the Uco Valley, we see the best of all worlds come together beautifully – ideal growing conditions, premium quality grapes, world-class winemakers, plus stunning landscapes and terrain. There is a lot of sunshine, genuinely warm hospitality, and a true spirit of adventure here. The Vines property sits in very special location of the Uco Valley, nestled at base of the highest peaks of the Andes. Our goal in designing and developing the resort is to enhance and showcase the natural beauty of this place.

Speaking of location, how has the presence of the Andes, along with other elements of the surrounding region, impacted the design decisions?

We are weaving natural elements of the region throughout our design. In creating a lush, luxurious destination in the Mendocinian desert, we want to be sure to respect and celebrate our surroundings, bringing the outdoors inside as much as possible. We are inviting the sun in by filtering light, creating shade and using shadow as a tangible material. Water is an essential element in this vast desert, and we want to enhance its power by creating lush, intimate green spaces throughout the resort. We also pay tribute to this rich land by using naturally sourced materials. You’ll see these unique characteristics reflected in the textures, color palette, and design decisions throughout the project.

What are the most important design elements of a boutique wine hotel?

First and foremost are luxury and comfort. Within this property, we are working with huge open spaces and dramatic landscapes, and our challenge is to create a cozy, intimate and natural refuge within that expansive beauty. Beyond that, our own experiences at leading hotels around the world have taught us that the smallest of details are very important to create special and seamless guest experiences. Many of these small touches come down to a detail-oriented approach to the design of living and communal spaces, to ensure every possible guest need is anticipated and met.

In your opinion, what should visitors to The Vines Resort & Spa be most excited about?

The ways in which the resort will enhance the beauty of the area and capture its essence will enable unique and special guest experiences. For example, our design truly puts The Andes at center stage, ensuring a sensory experience of the region and stunning views throughout the property. We also anticipate the spa and fitness center to be one of the most exciting, distinct elements of the resort. This luxurious space will harness the magic and immensity of the Uco Valley to calm and rejuvenate the spirits of guests in an intimate and peaceful space.  


Tiffany Nice is a Seattle area native who set off for an adventure in Argentina nearly 6 months ago wither her husband. They stopped over in Mendoza and haven't yet found a good reason to move on, especially with plenty of terrain to explore, wines to taste, and the opening of The Vines Resort & Spa just around the corner!   

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