The Vines of Mendoza


The Vines of Mendoza Private Vineyard Estates was recently profiled in an article by Gideon Long in the British national newspaper The Independent.

If you are a hobbyist wine lover that has always thought to own your own vineyard, Argentina, and specifically the Uco Valley, is where is it at. The US dollar is strong, the land and terroir are world-class, and the opportunity is unlimited. Don't worry that you have no experience in wine but just an ingrained passion, The Vines offers a complete turnkey alternative in a country with spectacular scenery, amazing culture, and the best beef in the world!

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"How many people, at some point, have idly dreamt of owning a vineyard and producing their own wine? Somewhere in Tuscany or La Rioja perhaps, somewhere sun-kissed and picturesque. For most, the dream remains just that, but for some, it is becoming an increasingly affordable reality, not in Europe, where land in the prestigious wine-producing regions remains expensive, but 7,000 miles away in Argentina."

"The early signs are promising. Vines of Mendoza produced its first harvest this year and the grapes were so good that Nicolas Catena, a doyen of the Argentine wine industry, bought most of them for his own use. Mr Achaval has also used part of the harvest in his 2009 Quimera blend, likely to be one of Argentina's most highly regarded vintages."

For the entire article visit The Independent.
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