The Vines of Mendoza

LIVE CONFERENCE CALL | The Argentine Wine Market and Export Trends


Please join us for one of our quarterly live conference calls

The Argentine Wine Market and Export Trends


Barbara Insel - a leading speaker on the business of wine in the US
Tony Correia - an interntional vineyard valuation expert
Laura Catena - owner of the highly esteemed, vineyard specific Luca Wines in Mendoza, Argentina
Santiago Achaval - one of Argentina's leading winemakers
Michael Evans & Pablo Gimenez Riili - co-founders, The Vines of Mendoza

Date: Tuesday, September 1st
Time: 1 pm PDT  |  4 pm EDT  |  5 pm ARG

Phone: (+1) 310 539 2229
Passcode: 806739

Please RSVP and email any questions that you would like to add to this conversation prior to September 1st:

* Please note we will be taping this conversation and sharing it as a podcast
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