Francisco Evangelista

Chief Agronomist & Partner 

Coming from a family of Mendoza grape growers, and working in vineyards since 1994, Francisco Evangelista has managed vineyard development at The Vines of Mendoza since the company’s beginning, before there were even vines in the ground. Today, he watches over our 700+ planted acres. Prior to The Vines, Francisco worked in winemaking for many influential Mendoza wineries, as well as Wente Vineyards in California's Livermore Valley.


Question 1: What’s your best ‘Recuerdo’ at the vines?

Every morning, I drive onto the property, park my truck and start walking alone through the vineyards to monitor and diagnose the vines. It’s always a magical moment.


Question 2: What’s the best wine & movie or wine & music pairing?

I would pair our Malbec with the Foo Fighters - it’s a powerful combination. For our fine and delicate Torrontes I would switch to Piazzola. Good friends and family pair with all our wines.